IV Cannulae / IV Catheter MAISSAFE

Safety I.V. cannula with port & wing
Sizes: 16G to 24G
Specially designed safety device
Flip top port cap
IV Cannulae / IV Catheter MAISWIN SAFE

Safety I.V. cannula without port & wing
Sizes: 16G to 24G
Specially designed safety device.
Color wing body for easy identification of cannula gauge.


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Mais India I.V. Cannulae - General Specifications
The needle is AISI 304 stainless steel and siliconized. It is equipped with extremely sharp triple facet bevel for smooth and effortless venipuncture.
Painless and smooth venipuncture is confirmed with smooth internal and external surfaces of the catheter. It is kink resistant and made up of biocompatible material PTFE/FEP/PU. Catheters used are radiopaque so that they are visible using fluoroscopy. During fluoroscopy, the stripes absorb x-rays, making the catheter visible. The tip of the catheter is mildly tapered and aligned with bevel to ensure easy transition from needle to catheter.
Needle Hub
It has been technically engineered to perfection in order to prevent any instability during insertion of needle. Firm grip on hub provides extremely good support during insertion.
Flashback chamber
Completely transparent flashback chamber gives an instant verification of venipuncture.
The wings are flexible in order to deliver easy-going and protected fixation. It also prevents dislocation of cannula over the patient’s body.
Each product is individually packed in blister and sterilized using Ethylene Oxide. The pealing of the seal is smooth and easy.
Injection Port Cap
It has a specifically designed double-hinged cap that incorporates a recessed plug with a protective skirt designed and engineered to prevent contamination when the valve is not being used.
Thread Stopper / Luer Lock
Specially designed in compliance with international standards to ensure no bleeding during the offline mode.

Advanced Flashback technology immediately confirms the success of venipuncture in the first prick of needle
Sizes : 14G to 26G


Size Colour Code Ext. Dia.
Length mm
Flow Rate
Inner/Outer unit
2.1 45 300 100/1000
1.7 45 200 100/1000
1.5 45 140 100/1000
1.3 45 95 100/1000
1.1 32 62 100/1000
0.9 25 33 100/1000
0.7 19 20 100/1000
0.6 19 15 100/1000
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