Foley Balloon Catheter is a catheter to provide urinal drainage from the bladder. It has a non- return valve of the catheter intended for inflating the balloon by needle-free syringe. This is sterile and it is used only once.



Foledrain is a device used for drainage of urine from the bladder. It has a flexible tube passed through the urethra and into the bladder to drain urine. It is the foremost common type of indwelling urinary catheter. The tube of a Foley bulb catheter has two separate channels or lumens. This product can be used for both adult & child patients.

Technical Features:
Made of Silicone elastomer fortified with latex rubber.
Minimizes the risk of encrustation.
A ultra-slim exceptionally flexible inflatable and hard non-return valve for inconvenience free swelling and flattening.
Trauma free catheterization.
Elliptical side-eye.
Maximum flow rate due to the high strength polymer layer in the middle layer of the catheter.
Minimizes subsequent catheter blockage and failure.
Also Variants Available In:
Color-coded valve for easy identification.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Foley Balloon Catheter is inserted through urethra into bladder to drain the urine.

Two types of Foley catheters are available- 2 way Foley balloon catheter & 3 way Foley balloon catheter

It stays up to with skilled care once approximately every 30 days.

It is inflated by using sterile water which resists the Foley catheter to migrate from the bladder.