Nasal Cannula

Nasal cannula is used to deliver additive breathable oxygen to a patient in need of respiratory help. It delivers the low or medium concentration of oxygen to the stable patient. The concentration of oxygen inspired depends on the patient's respiration rate and pattern.

Nasal Cannula (OXY-PRONG)

Nasal Cannula (OXY-PRONG)

Oxy –Prong is made up of non-toxic medical grade material, used to deliver small concentration of supplement oxygen with rigid control of respiration in oxygen therapy.

Technical Features:
Manufactured from soft, non-toxic medical grade material.
Star lumen tube to avoid fortuitous blockage.
Made up of kink resistant PVC tube.
Tube length: 200cm.
Twin Nasal prong ensures equal distribution of oxygen.
Also Variants Available In:
Available Size: Adult & Child

Frequently Asked Questions

Nasal cannula is used to deliver oxygen when a small concentration is required.

Two types of nebulizer mask are available: Adult and Child.

Tube is of 200 cm in length.

The flow rate is up-to 5 liters/min.

It should be changed in every 2 weeks.


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