The tracheostomy tube is medical equipment, placed into the trachea by incision into the neck to allow direct access to the breathing tube. It helps in breathing rather than through the nose and mouth.



Tracheostomy tube provides a passage for air to aid in breathing when the usual route for respiration is somehow blocked or narrow. It is often required during Long term illness, Neurological problem, Head or neck surgery and Removal of secretion from the upper airway and delivers oxygen to the lungs.

In rare cases, an emergency tracheotomy is performed due to traumatic injury to the face or neck causes sudden blockage of the airway.

Technical Features:
It helps in maintaining a patent airway through a tracheostomy tube.
Manufactured from non-toxic medical grade PVC.
Kink resistant, thin-walled, thermo-sensitive tube.
Softens at body temperature.
Extra smooth tube and a curved distal end for trauma-free intubation and extubation
Smooth surface from inside/outside for ease in intubation, extubation, and suctioning.
It ensures patient safety during cuff inflation and deflation
Radio opaque line and markings provided to assess the identification of tube position.
Universal 15 mm connecter at the proximal end.
Also Variants Available In:
Plain and Cuffed Tracheostomy tube
Size available: 5mm-10mm

Frequently Asked Questions

Tracheostomy tube is medical equipment which allows a passage for air to aid in breathing when the usual route for respiration is blocked or narrow.

The tracheostomy wound heals in 1 to 2 weeks.

Two types of tracheostomy tubes are available.

  • Plain Tracheostomy tube
  • Cuffed Tracheostomy tube

The sizes available are 5mm- 10mm.


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