Ventilator circuit is a medical device comprises of tubing that connects the ventilator to the patient. It helps in assisting the delivery of oxygen and inhalation of anesthetic agents to the patient. It basically connects the gas pathway of the patient’s lungs to the mechanical ventilator.



The most common devices which connected to the ventilator circuit are heaters and humidifiers, filters, suction catheters, and therapeutic aerosol nebulizers and inhalers. We offer a wide range of circuits with compliance with ISO standard to suit most of the ventilator machines and other anesthetic devices.

Technical Features:
It helps the patient in respiring breathable oxygen effortlessly.
It provides germ-free oxygen.
More efficient in eliminating exhaling gas.
22mm corrugated tube with an expiratory valve.
It is reliable and easy to use.
It is packed in a unit poly bag.
Also Variants Available In:
Size available: Adult and Child
Available in Three types: Plain Ventilator Circuit, Single Water trap Ventilator Circuit and Double Water trap Ventilator Circuit
Available in Corrugated & Expandable tube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ventilator circuit comprises of tubing connects the ventilator to the patient and helps in assisting the oxygen delivery and inhalation of anesthetic agent.

Three types of ventilator circuits are available:

  1. Plain Ventilator Circuit
  2. Single Water trap Ventilator Circuit
  3. Double Water trap Ventilator Circuit.

Two sizes of ventilator circuits are available: (i) Adult  (ii) Child

Ventilator circuits should be replaced in every 7 days.


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